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Application of Polyaluminium Chloride in Wastewater Treatment of Mineral Processing Industry

Release date:2018-06-25  source:环球破碎机网  Browse times:370
It is well known that the flotation method is a good method in the beneficiation with the highest enrichment ratio and the highest ore dressing grade. However, since it needs to add certain chemicals in the beneficiation, the discharged wastewater is polluted and cannot be treated. Friends in many mineral processing industries have almost faced such a flaw. The wastewater after the flotation of the ore cannot be discharged arbitrarily due to pollution problems, and the environmental protection department has to be strict with this problem and has to give up the flotation method. Face this trouble and let Huaquan help you solve it, so that you can rest assured that your concentrator will handle the sewage problem.

For example, in the iron ore beneficiation process, the raw ore is first crushed to a reasonable fineness, and then uniformly transferred to a ball mill through a hoist and a feeding machine to pulverize and grind the ore. The ore fines ground by the ball mill enter the next process: classification. The classifier cleans and classifies the ore mixture by virtue of the difference in the specific gravity of the solid particles and the rate of precipitation in the liquid. The washed and classified mineral mixture separates the magnetic substances in the mixture by magnetic force and mechanical force when passing through the magnetic separator.

The mineral particles that have been initially separated by the magnetic separator are sent to the flotation machine, and different drugs are added according to different mineral characteristics, so that the desired minerals are separated from other substances. In the iron ore beneficiation process, a large amount of tailings slurry is produced, which has certain safety hazards and can cause environmental pollution. Iron ore slurry water is a suspension liquid containing a certain amount of fine mud particles in water. It has a certain viscosity and is difficult to separate by standing for a long time. Polyaluminum chloride is a water-soluble high polymer. When it is mixed with muddy water, it can destroy the stability of mud water due to its functions of bridging, net trapping, adsorption and electrical neutralization. The particles quickly condense and settle from the water to achieve the mud-water separation effect. If used in conjunction with dewatering equipment, the tailings are flocculated by polyaluminium chloride, and after dewatering by dewatering equipment, the tailings slurry can be dry, dry or comprehensively utilized.

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