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The ore waste left by the stone production line can be used to the extreme

Release date:2018-08-01  source:环球破碎机网  Browse times:531
      The stone production line is the core production equipment of sand and gravel aggregates. However, in the process of stone production line operation, there will be many ore wastes that cannot be used. If thrown directly, it will cause waste of ore resources, not to mention many ore resources due to human activities. All have been used, and full use is a must.

In addition to dust and noise, the main production of stone production line is ore waste, which mainly includes underground waste rock, excavation waste rock in the mining process and stripping stone in the exposed mining field. These stones are very precious ore resources, and the sandstone production line is used. The mining process is different, the produced ore waste is different, the open-pit mining waste rock yield is high, and the underground mining waste rock yield is low.

These precious precious ore wastes can be processed into another useful resource by using another sand making equipment. That is the sand production line. The sand production line can process these ore waste into sand resources. Although China has a large land, it also has endless exploitation of sand resources. On the day when it will be useful, the sand production line will process these ore waste into sand, which can not only solve the waste problem of ore waste, but also the artificial sand produced by the sand production line has less impurity content and relatively stable performance, and can be used in many industries.

Sustainability is the development path that we generally take in every industry. The “mineral waste” left by the stone production line is a more reasonable and effective waste disposal method.

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