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Multi-angle analysis of the development of graphene industry

Release date:2018-08-23  source:粉体网  Browse times:1403
      The new materials industry is one of the seven strategic emerging industries of the country and the cornerstone and leader of the development of high-tech industries. Graphene is a new star in the field of materials, and its market potential is huge! It has been China, the United States, South Korea, the European Union, Japan and other countries. Promote to the height of strategic research and expect it to bring huge market value.

Compared with other countries, China's performance in competitive behavior is very prominent, but the graphene industry is still in the technical concept period, and there are still many problems that need to be solved in the process of industrialization development. The detailed analysis of China's graphene industry development investment recommendations is as follows:

Graphene industry competitive advantage

1. Rich raw materials

The preparation of graphene requires a sophisticated preparation process, but requires less resource consumption. Generally, the raw material of the redox method is graphite, but the quality of the graphene prepared by using graphite as a raw material is relatively poor, and the sheet size is relatively small.

The raw material used in the CVD method which is most likely to realize the large-scale preparation of single crystal large-layer graphene is a carbon-containing gas such as methane or acetylene.

Regardless of whether the redox method or the CVD method is used, there is no need to worry about the limitation of raw material shortage, which is a major advantage of the development of the graphene industry.

2, the preparation technology is gradually mature

At present, the level of preparation and application research in the field of graphene powder in China is also comparable to that in foreign countries. In particular, graphene powder is used as a high-end additive to replace carbon black and is used in lithium ion batteries, polymer composite materials and the like.

In addition, although the domestic scale production of graphene film started late, it has already caught up. At present, Changzhou two-dimensional carbon technology Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Moxi Technology Co., Ltd. have built a graphene transparent conductive film production line. And actively develop its application in the field of touch screen.

3. Downstream demand pulls to highlight investment value

China's graphene industry is in a rising channel. On the one hand, the technical barriers of graphene materials are relatively high, the bargaining power of the industry is strong, and the profit is relatively less affected by the fluctuation of raw material prices. The factors such as process level and marketing strategy are more important. Core competitiveness is often reflected in research and development strength, management level and development strategy.

On the other hand, the downstream industries of graphene are mainly electronics, aerospace, optics, energy, environment, medicine, etc., and the above industries are currently in a period of rapid development. In the long run, the demand for graphene is bound to increase. The long-term rapid development of the olefin industry provides a market foundation.

Graphene industry competition disadvantage

1. Key technologies have not yet achieved substantial breakthroughs

At present, most domestic companies involved in the production and application of graphene are small and medium-sized enterprises and start-up companies. The capital, personnel and R&D strength cannot compete with foreign companies such as Samsung, IBM and BASF. Although some large private enterprises, state-owned enterprises and central enterprises have begun to pay attention to graphene, most of them have not yet made substantial contributions.

Graphene's high-quality, low-cost, green preparation and purification technology, graphene dispersion technology, and application technology (replacement of traditional materials) are still the bottlenecks that restrict the future development of graphene.

2. Lack of guidance in industrial application technology

Although the graphene industry has a large scale, the downstream application market needs to be developed. At present, the conversion from research and development to application is slow, and the channels are not smooth. The relevant large enterprises lack their own research and development investment in graphene technology and the power to select graphene in product component materials. In this regard, more guidance and promotion are needed. .

3. Market demand has not been fully opened

At present, there are thousands of units engaged in the production and research and development of graphene in China. Although most enterprises have basic design and production capacity, the product differentiation is not large. Although the production of graphene is increasing year by year, there is no breakthrough in downstream applications, resulting in the pricelessness of graphene.

At present, it is not uncommon for a domestic company to produce a few tons of graphene production line per year, but there are few reports on the application of graphene. If the production of graphene is only increased blindly instead of expanding the downstream application of graphene according to existing products, the industrial chain of graphite field will not be formed.

Opportunities for the graphene industry

1. Good industrial development environment

"Made in China 2025" emphasizes the need to strengthen the basic research and system construction of new materials led by graphene, and break through the bottleneck of industrialization preparation; pay close attention to the impact of new subversive materials on traditional materials, and make advances in strategic frontier materials such as graphene. Layout and development.

As the country's policy on graphene has been proposed, local governments have also thrown olive branches on graphene. Changzhou, Wuxi, Ningbo, Qingdao, Beijing and other places have successively planned the graphene industrial park since 2012, and the capital market with sharp sense of smell has begun to intervene in the field of graphene to promote its development.

2. The new material industry is developing rapidly

As one of the key points of strategic emerging industries, the new materials industry is also the cornerstone and precursor of the future development of high-tech industries. Advanced carbon materials have new structure and excellent physical and chemical properties, and are new materials that are of great significance and decisive for future development. Therefore, vigorously developing the graphene industry is an upgrade to China's traditional materials industry.

3. The gap with developed countries is small and easy to surpass

Although Europe and the United States have good innovation and scientific research in the basic research of graphene, China has a complete graphene industrial chain. Although China's graphene industry chain is still immature, the downstream links have not yet been opened, and market demand needs to be cultivated, but this is only a matter of time.

At present, some domestic enterprises with applied technologies have already carried out technical reserves, and are actively exploring and deploying the graphene downstream application market. In the future, whoever takes the lead in seizing the market, whoever has the potential to get the first cup of the graphene industry.

The threat to the graphene industry

1. Capital speculation is too strong, the difficulty of the enterprise is "Death Valley"

At present, the graphene-related products on the market are mixed with pearls, and the quality of the products is uneven. The capital market has already fired graphene. This excessive publicity will weaken the trust of the application enterprises in the quality of domestic graphene, and thus hinder the graphite in China. The development of the olefin industry. At the same time, emerging enterprises will also face technical bottlenecks, financing problems, brain drain problems, and difficult development paths.

2. Graphene industry is still in the technical concept period

The rise of an industry must go through six stages: the first stage is the technical concept period, the second stage is the product introduction period, the third stage is the market expansion period, the fourth stage is the competition merger period, and the fifth stage is the mature adjustment period. The sixth stage is the period of industrial decline. At present, the graphene industry is still in the technical concept period, and there is still a considerable distance to truly enter the product introduction period and the market expansion period.

3. Material safety issues

As a man-made material, graphene has yet to be studied and discovered. Therefore, the material safety data sheet for industrial applications of graphene is still incomplete. One of the challenges of the industry today is to address its safety issues and make graphene as safe as possible for ourselves and the environment around us.

Comprehensive analysis

Graphene is a leading-edge basic material with many excellent properties and broad application prospects. Although it is still a potential stage, the general use and industrialization have not yet opened up, but from the perspective of scientific prediction, it has become a key focus that cannot be ignored. City; in the long run, the huge economic value of graphene is only a matter of time. Whoever takes the lead in preempting the market will have the first cup of the graphene industry.

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