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Lathe tool table lifting clamp

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      First, the implementation background

Most of the lathes in the mechanic factory are old equipments that have been used for a long time. The function of the lathe can not meet the needs of the factory. The turret on the lathe can advance and retreat according to the lathe pallet, vertical and horizontal, and can not be lifted and lowered. only the shaft-shaped workpiece can be processed. The inner and outer surfaces, end faces and internal and external threads are relatively simple. Especially when making some squares, keyways and other products, it is necessary to turn the machining of the workshop and the clamps one or two workshops. The work efficiency is low, the error is easy to occur during the handover, and the product qualification rate is lowered.

Second, the design plan

Under the premise of not changing the structure of the original lathe, the special lifter is clamped on the turret of the lathe, and can be lifted up and down. The drill bit and the milling cutter are stuck on the chuck of the lathe, and can be used for milling by the normal operation of the lathe. Various shaft type keyways and hexagonal, square and two sides replace the functions of some planers to improve production efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

Third, the main content and innovation points:

First cut two δ6 iron plates with a length of 100mm and a width of 60mm, and weld a rectangular iron block at a distance corresponding to the lathe knives and knives in the middle of the first iron plate, and then in front of the first iron plate. Two slabs are welded to the levitation rails at both ends to connect the two iron plates, and then two lifting rods are made according to the inner diameter of the running track. A wire mother and a lead screw are made in the middle of the two iron plates, which are respectively welded on the two iron plates. Play a lifting role. Finally, eight holes are evenly drilled in two rows on the second iron plate. According to the iron plate, a same pressure plate is used to press the workpiece, and the product is clamped with a suitable screw. This is the lathe cutter. Lifting fixtures. When making a product that requires lathes and milling machines to be processed at the same time, the lathe cutter table lifting clamp is stuck on the knife table to serve as a workpiece for the chuck to be fixed, and the milling cutter tool is stuck on the lathe chuck, and the lathe cutter table lifting card is passed. With the lifting, you can make the products you need.

Fourth, the completion time and effect analysis:

This set of fixtures was completed on July 10, 2014. It is installed on the lathe. Through the normal operation of the lathe, it can be used to mill various shaft type keyways and hexagonal, square and two sides, replacing the functions of some planers, avoiding each The errors caused by the handover of the workshop back and forth, saving materials, improving production efficiency, reducing the labor intensity of employees, and better serving the production needs of other districts.

V. Promotion and application

The fixture is simple to manufacture and easy to use, and can be applied to every lathe in the lathe workshop.

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