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Mixed ore processing technology of common gold ore

Release date:2018-09-05  source:鑫海矿业  Browse times:647
The gold ore process is usually determined by the physical, chemical and mineralogical properties of gold ore and gangue. For example, gold ore with a large difference in specific gravity and coarse grain size is generally treated by re-election; the difference in wettability of mineral surface Large or dilute gold ore with fine grain size is generally treated by flotation.

For some complex refractory gold ores, in order to maximize the recovery rate of gold and recycle other useful ingredients, it is technically necessary to choose a multi-process joint process, which is economically reasonable.

There are two main types of common gold ore: quartz vein type gold ore and sulfide gold-bearing ore 'Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. as a relatively mature domestic gold selection technology, its technicians give the following two kinds of ore commonly used Process:

1. Quartz vein type gold ore: The quartz vein type gold ore beneficiation process is mainly cyanidation method and flotation method. The determination of the process mainly depends on the particle size of gold and the symbiotic relationship with other minerals. In the case of contaminated or thin film free gold on the surface of the ore, a part of the gold may be recovered by jigging re-selection to reduce the tailings grade and reduce the cyanide leaching time.

When the ore floatability is good, the quartz ore-bearing gold ore flotation can produce tailings after the cyanidation process, and the flotation tailings can be floated and then floated to improve the flotation recovery rate. In most cases, the cyanidation method is more common for quartz vein type gold ore. The main considerations are the fineness of ore grinding, the concentration of cyanide in the slurry, and the leaching time. At the same time, in order to reduce the amount of cyanidation work, a process of re-cyanation of flotation concentrate can be employed.

2. Sulfide-bearing gold ore: Most gold-bearing sulfide ores can be treated by flotation, some can be treated by cyanidation, or combined methods, or amalgamation, re-election or a combined process.

The choice of flotation or cyanidation process depends on the recovery rate of gold, the comprehensive utilization of associated minerals, etc. If the ore contains more coarse gold, it must be pre-selected because coarse gold is in the cyanide solution. Dissolution is difficult and the flotation process is difficult to recycle. When the surface of the gold particles is clean and there is no harmful component in the ore, the amalgamation method is better than the re-election method. In the production practice, the commonly used gold-containing sulfide ore dressing process is: first flotation, flotation concentrate can be directly cyanated, or can be cyanated after grinding, or by re-election and amalgamation.

For the gold mining plant, try to adopt a mature, simple and easy production process. Under this premise, there must be room for the selection of mineral processing equipment and the construction of the plant, which will provide conditions for future production development and process improvement.

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