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What are the reasons for the ball mill to be full? How to distinguish between full grinding and ball

Release date:2018-09-10  source:鑫海矿业  Browse times:1090
Ball mill grinding is an abnormal phenomenon in the operation of the mill. This phenomenon will affect the normal operation of the grinding work. If it is not treated in time, it will affect the final output. There is also an abnormal phenomenon called ball mill package. The ball, the appearance of the two is very similar, it is difficult to distinguish between inexperienced friends. This article will give you a detailed explanation of the reasons for the grinding of the ball mill. How to distinguish between grinding and ball?
First, the reason for the ball mill to be full

1. The material moisture is too high, and the ventilation is poor, which causes the material to adhere to the surface of the steel ball and the lining plate, blocking the gap between the slab and the slab, and the discharge is difficult, resulting in full grinding. The "satisfaction" caused by this reason is more common.

2. Excessive feeding causes the grinding ability of the grinding body to be unsuitable.

3, the grinding ability can not be adapted: the powder selection efficiency of the classifier is reduced, the amount of material returned is too much, and the grinding ability of the ball mill cannot be adapted.

4, warehouse: the average ball diameter of a warehouse steel ball is too small, the filling rate is too low, or too much lower than the second warehouse; the partition plate is partially broken or perforated, causing the grinding body to close the warehouse.

5. When the particle size of the material becomes larger and the wearability deteriorates, the feeding is not reduced in time.

6, iron filings, debris: blocking the quilting of the compartment board.


The ball mill appears to be full of grinding

What should we do when the ball mill is full? The experts gave three solutions:

1. If the phenomenon of full grinding is more serious, you can use the method of back grinding, pour out the ball and material, and clean it again.

2. Reduce or stop feeding, strengthen ventilation, and let the mill run under less material or no material.

3, increase the heat, so that the moisture of the material evaporates as soon as possible, so that the material falls.
Second, how to distinguish between ball mill grinding and ball?

The surface phenomenon of the grinding machine "saturated" and "ball" is very similar, all of which are squeaky, the running current of the mill is reduced, the output of the mill is greatly reduced, the quilting of the compartment plate is blocked by the material, and the grinding body and the lining plate A large amount of material is adhered to the compartment board. But they also have different points: when “saturated”, the material is wet, the water is dripped under the exhaust pipe (opening mill), the dust collector is dew; when the ball is “ball”, the temperature of the material and gas is high. Water vapor is sprayed on the sieve, and the product has flake-like materials. At the same time, the temperature of the large outlet of the mill is high, and the cement is sticky.

The reasons for the "ball" and "satisfaction" are completely different and must be clearly distinguished for proper handling. To deal with the "ball", you must not use the method of reducing or stopping the feeding, as in the case of "saturated grinding". Otherwise, the temperature inside the grinding is higher and the phenomenon of "ball" is more serious.


Grinding work in progress

Experienced mill miners can quickly judge whether they are full or not by grinding. For inexperienced friends, you can find the problem through the introduction of this article, develop and implement the solution in time, and solve the problem as soon as possible so as not to affect the ball mill. The final output.

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