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How to save yourself in a trapped room in a fire

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How to save yourself in a trapped room in a fire

In the event of a fire, people are trapped indoors and sometimes do not understand the surrounding fire situation. They cannot evacuate the fire at one time. Due to the fierce fire, the doors and windows were sealed, and the smoke and smoke were easily lost. At this time, people were surrounded by fires in the building to call for help, and people outside were hard to hear. The trapped person should remain calm and fall to the ground for help, because the fire rises along the airflow. In the low places, the combustibles have burned or there are still unburned places, and the sound waves of the cry can be used to Outgoing.

When trapped in a fire, you should choose to avoid the street and the room with a balcony, because it is more convenient to observe the fire, you can also get in touch with the rescuers through shouts, gestures, etc., which is beneficial to timely rescue.

When the fire occurs, be sure to face it calmly. If it is discovered at the beginning of the fire, when the fire is very small, fire extinguishers, tap water and other fire-fighting tools should be used to save the fire at the first time. At the same time, the surrounding people should be called out to participate in the fire-fighting and alarm. If more than one person puts out the fire, a division of labor should be carried out. Some people are responsible for extinguishing the fire. The other part is responsible for removing the combustibles around the flame to prevent and slow down the spread of the fire.

Residents living in unit-type buildings should not open their doors and windows when they are in a fire in the neighbourhood. They can take advantage of the wind to take advantage of the wind. The smoke and toxic gases entering the room can easily suffocate and die.

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