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Landform and weathering conditions for prospecting conditions

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Landform and weathering conditions
Geomorphology and weathering conditions have direct control over the formation and distribution of sand deposits and weathered deposits.
The sand deposit and its surrounding rock are all part of the Quaternary sediments, and their sedimentary geomorphology and metallogenic processes are closely related to regional geomorphic conditions and weathering. Therefore, it is extremely important to analyze the geomorphological morphology and Quaternary sediment characteristics in the search and evaluation of sand deposits. For example, a diamond deposit in a certain area of ​​Hunan is mainly a terrace sand mine, a gully-fine grain sand mine. The terrace sand deposit is present in the gravel layer. The gully-fine grain sand mine varies greatly. If the gully is not cut into the gravel layer on the terrace, the diamond sand in the gully and fine valley is less. On the contrary, the diamond sand mine in the gully and fine valley is very rich. This law indicates that the study of geomorphological units and Quaternary sediments can not only identify the distribution of sand deposits and the rich and the poor, but also further speculate on the source and damage of sand deposits, providing clues for the search for primary deposits.
The formation and distribution of weathered deposits are also related to weathering and geomorphological conditions. In the humid climate, the weathering of the original rock (mine) is mainly chemical weathering; in the arid climate, the physical weathering is the main. For weathered deposits, strong chemical weathering is a necessary condition for the enrichment of useful components. However, in areas with strong erosion, the loss of surface water runoff is large, and groundwater discharge is also fast, which is not conducive to the formation of weathered deposits, even if it is highly eroded. If the terrain is flat, there are basin-type belts and stepped platforms. The surface water is not easy to be lost and the groundwater is rich. This accelerates the chemical weathering and facilitates the formation of weathered deposits. In addition, the area has thicker floating soil, local vegetation, and the weathered shell profile is preserved intact, and the prospect of mineralization is larger. For example, the granite weathering crust kaolin mines in the southeastern provinces of China. Therefore, the analysis of climate, landform and weathering conditions is extremely important for finding weathered deposits.

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