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Regional geochemical conditions for prospecting conditions

Release date:2018-09-28  source:中南选矿网  Browse times:895
Regional geochemical conditions
Regional geochemical characteristics mainly refer to the distribution and distribution of chemical elements in the region, as well as the history of migration and enrichment. It is an important factor in controlling the production of mines inside and outside, and it has been paid more and more attention in mineral exploration. To analyze regional geochemical conditions, general attention should be paid to the following aspects:
(a) the abundance of elements
The distribution of elements on the earth's crust is uneven. Firstly, the content of the elemental region is compared with the value of the crust of the earth's crust. It shows that a certain element or some elements are relatively enriched in a certain area or a certain geological body, forming a geochemical zone ( Province)", that is, regional geochemical anomalies. According to the elemental abundance data, the geochemical tectonic characteristics and mineralization analysis of the contact area, the geochemical zoning carried out is of great significance for regional mineralization analysis and analogy. Generally, in the metallogenic area, the main mineralization elements are relatively abundant in the relevant rocks. For example, in China's South China tungsten, tin, rare metal metallogenic areas, the average content of W, Sn, Be, Nb, Ta and other elements in granite intrusions in each era is generally higher than the average content of the elements in the acid rock of the crust.
(2) Regionality of element distribution
The regional distribution of elements constitutes a “mineralized concentration zone” or “mineral zone”, which are closely related to the regional geological structure characteristics and geological development history. For example, the distribution of large granites in the Nanling area of ​​South China is concentrated in many deposits such as W, Sn, Be, Ni, Nb and Ta. In the south and central Hunan, acid intrusions invade carbonate rocks to form W, Sn and Pb. The elements such as Zn are enriched; the distribution of large carbonate rocks in the Xiangxi and Longdong areas is the enrichment area of ​​Hg and Sb. According to the geochemical research data, some areas of rock contain a certain amount of metal elements. Under the action of geology, the metal elements dispersed in the rock can be repeatedly transferred to the rich ore. For example, some skarn-type iron deposits in the distribution area of ​​Shanxi-type iron ore, one of the main sources of iron, is iron in the Shanxi-type iron ore deposit.
(3) Symbiotic combination of elements
Due to the similar geochemical properties of some elements, certain elements often form the same mineral during geological processes, such as Nb and Ta forming coltan; or forming symbiotic minerals such as galena, sphalerite symbiosis, black Tungsten ore and cassiterite symbiosis. These symbiotic combination relationships are of great significance in the mineral exploration for determining mineralization marks, selecting geochemical indicators, and comprehensive evaluation of deposits.
In summary, the formation and distribution of deposits are related to various prospecting geological conditions. In general, the search for endogenous deposits focuses on magmatic rocks, geological structures, and lithologic conditions; the search for exogenous deposits focuses on stratigraphic, lithofacies, and paleogeographic conditions; while the metamorphic deposits are focused on metamorphic conditions. However, the factors of mineralization in nature are complex, which requires us to conduct comprehensive research and comprehensive analysis of various prospecting geological conditions during mineral exploration to achieve the best work results.

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