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Skarn type tungsten deposit

Release date:2018-09-28  source:中南选矿网  Browse times:389
       It is mostly distributed in and around the contact zone between granitoid rocks and carbonate rocks and some clastic rocks. The ore body is layered, convex, lenticular, curved strips. The larger ones can be extended and extended to hundreds of meters to 2,000 meters. The small ones extend and extend only a few meters to tens of meters.
This type of deposit contains a large amount of skarn minerals such as garnet, diopside, wollastonite, calcite, pyranite, epidote, stellite and tremolite. The main metal and non-metal minerals are white tungsten. Mine, wolframite, molybdenite, cassiterite, chalcopyrite, sphalerite, galena, stibnite, magnetite, pyrite, pyrrhotite, arsenopyrite and fluorite, main industry Mineral scheelite is often distributed in granitic and disseminated form in skarn ore. It is generally an easy-to-select ore. In some mining areas, tungsten mineral particles are too fine, which is difficult to select. The tungsten-containing grade is moderate to poor. rich. The size of the deposits ranges from small to large. Such as Hunan Yaogangxian, Xintianling, Jiangxi Baoshan and other deposits.
The important persimmon garden of Hunan belongs to the quartz fine (net) vein-Yunyingyan-skarn composite deposit. The tungsten mineralization is basically consistent with the distribution of the skarn body in space, and the bottom-up is Yunying. The rock-shale skarn tungsten-tin-molybdenum ore body, the skarn tungsten-tungsten ore body, and the Dali rock-bearing ore body. There are Yunyingyan type tungsten-molybdenum ore bodies in the deep granite.
The material composition of the ore is complex. The ore dressing test, tungsten, molybdenum and niobium have achieved good sorting effect. The tin and antimony components have complex occurrence state and low recovery rate.
The skarn type (including composite type) is currently second only to the quartz large vein deposit.
In addition to the above-mentioned several major types of deposits, Yunyingyan deposits, pegmatite deposits, sand-tungsten deposits, etc., due to low grade, difficult to select ore, or due to small scale and complex shape, currently mining is rare, Secondary deposit type.
There are also volcanic hot spring sedimentation type, salt lake brine and silt type tungsten deposits, which have not been found in China.

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