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Layered tungsten deposit

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The ore body is controlled by a certain stratum horizon and lithology, and its occurrence is basically consistent with the stratum occurrence, so that it is more inclined. The ore-bearing layer consists of one layer to several layers. It is stable, thick and wide in distribution. However, the scale of industrial ore bodies varies greatly. The large ore bodies are several kilometers to several kilometers long, and the small ore bodies are less than one hundred meters long. The size of the deposit is mostly large and medium.
The ore-control strata are known as Proterozoic clastic sedimentary volcanic rocks and carbonate rocks, Cambrian shallow metamorphic mudstone rocks, or carbonaceous slate interbedded siliceous rocks, and Devonian systems. Carboniferous sand shale and carbonate or pyroclastic rocks. Due to the late geological transformation, rich integration of mines. Some are affected by intrusions, and skarnization can be seen. The scheelite and the black tungsten ore are generally impregnated, and a few are in the form of crumbs. There are sometimes tungsten-containing quartz fine (net) veins and tungsten-containing quartz veins in the ore body. The mineral symbiosis combination is generally simple. The more common ones are scheelite (tungstenite) monosulfide, and also see white tungsten. The mine is a natural gold, etc., and the grade is relatively poor to medium. When the mineral particles are coarser, it is a more easily selected ore. When there are more fine-grained minerals in the form of disseminated, it is difficult to select ore.
Such as Hunan Woxi, Xi'an, Guangxi Damingshan, Yunnan South Putian and other deposits.
Such deposits are currently only exploited if they reach a medium grade and the ore is easier to select.

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