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Quartz large vein type tungsten deposit

Release date:2018-09-28  source:中南选矿网  Browse times:456
       It is produced in the inner and outer contact zones of granite-like rock masses (mostly shallow metamorphic sandstones and slate). The ore bodies are mainly independent large veins, but they often have branching complexes, sharp-reappearing, and sharp-cutting sides. More complex, mostly steeply sloping plate-like output, the size of the ore body varies greatly, and the length and mineralization depth can be from tens of meters, hundreds of meters to more than one thousand meters. The deposits are large, medium and small. Most of the tungsten-containing grades are medium to rich, but the distribution is uneven. There are many components in the ore, often accompanied by cassiterite, molybdenite, stibnite, beryl, chalcopyrite, galena, sphalerite, pyrite, arsenopyrite, etc., with quartz? Tungsten ore, cassiterite, quartz, black tungsten ore (and a small amount of scheelite), more minerals such as sulfides, quartz, black tungsten ore, beryl, quartz, black tungsten, rare earth, quartz, white tungsten Minerals, sulfides, quartz, calcite (or fluorite), scheelite and other mineral combinations. Mineral particles are usually coarser, ore is easy to choose, and the recovery rate is generally over 80%. Such as Jiangxi Xihua Mountain, Daji Mountain, Hunan Deng Yuxian, Guangdong Shirenyu, Guangxi Changyingling and other deposits.

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