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Brief introduction of hot spring altered subtype kaolin deposit

Release date:2018-09-28  source:中南选矿网  Browse times:734
The hot spring altered sub-type kaolin deposits are mostly related to the Quaternary volcanic activity and geothermal activity, and are distributed along the fault zone. The modern volcanic and geothermal activity belts rise from Xinjiang to the border of Tibet and along the Shiquan River-Yaluzangbu River. To the east of Shigatse to the northeast, and then to the southeast along the Nujiang, Lijiang and Jinshajiang. There are a large number of hydrothermal areas distributed throughout the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Hengduan Mountains (Liao Zhijie et al., 1985; Zhang Zhifei, 1985). Typical deposits include Tengchong in Yunnan and Yangbajing kaolin in Tibet.

The alteration zone of this type of deposit is strong to weak. From the hot springs, the dew point to the two sides is: silicification, alum, petrochemical, and muddy (mudification is the alteration zone mainly composed of clay minerals such as montmorillonite and chlorite). A thick layer of Quanhua, which is dominated by silicon Hua, is formed around the hot spring. There are more alum precipitates around the sulfur fumes. The granitic glutenite is the parent rock, and the alkali leaching effect under the action of hot water is much faster than the weathering at normal temperature. Kaolin and sulfur, lithium, strontium and boron can all be prospecting marks.

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