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Granite, skarn, porphyry lead-zinc deposit

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Granite, skarn, porphyry lead-zinc deposit

Such deposits are commonly referred to as galvanic-related lead-zinc deposits because of their mineralization from granitoids. They may be gas-liquid products of granitoidal crystallization, but they may also be activated by leaching of underground hot water (atmospheric precipitation into the main) in another geological event or crustal movement after diagenesis. The ore-forming materials are formed by enrichment.

Such deposits can be associated with neutral, medium-acid, acidic or alkaline invading rocks, and the rock mass can be large or small. In general, if lead-zinc deposits are caused by underground hot water leaching, they often occur in rocky areas with large areas; if they are caused by magma gas and liquid, they are often associated with small rock strains and rock tumors. The deposit is mostly produced in the rock mass, or inside or outside the contact zone, or a certain distance from the rock mass. The surrounding rock alteration of the deposit is usually strong.

The ore material composition of this type of deposit is complex, in addition to lead and zinc, it is also associated with tungsten, tin, key, secret, copper and other elements. From the perspective of ore-bearing rock types, the granites associated with the lead-zinc-tungsten-tin deposits belong to the crust-source granitoids; the granites associated with the lead-zinc-copper deposits belong to the shell slow-source granitoids. Lead-zinc deposits caused by underground hot water are often associated with elements such as gold and silver.

Typical examples of such deposits: granite-type lead-zinc deposits include Guangxi Xinhua lead-zinc-silver deposit, Guangdong sawban pit tungsten-tin-lead-zinc polymetallic deposit, Hunan Dongpo tungsten-tin-lead-zinc polymetallic deposit, etc.; skarn-type lead-zinc The deposit includes Hunan Shuikoushan lead-zinc deposit, Huangshaping lead-zinc deposit and Liaoning Zhiren copper-zinc deposit. The porphyry-type lead-zinc deposit includes Jiangxi Lengshui Pit lead-zinc-silver deposit, Yunnan Yao'an lead deposit, and Shandong Xiangjie lead-zinc deposit. .

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