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Breakthrough in screening technology for poor and difficult refractory ore

Release date:2018-11-21  source:中南选矿网  Browse times:623
         A few days ago, the 11th Five-Year National Science and Technology Support Project was poor and difficult to select ore-column short-flow flotation technology and equipment passed the acceptance of the Ministry of Science and Technology in Beijing. The project has made great breakthroughs in the selection of poor and difficult ore screening technology. The project has developed multi-stage forced mixing and slurry mixing, column flotation foam with platform transportation and column short-flow sorting control technology for the characteristics of poor and difficult mineral resources in China; developed sulfide ore, iron ore and phosphorous aluminum Ore-type column sorting equipment; developed a two-stage sorting process of chalcopyrite-coarse-precision, two-sweeping and reverse flotation process of hematite, two coarse and one fine sorting processes of bauxite, Two coarse and one fine sweeping two fine separation processes; three mobile column sorting test platforms, one pilot test system and five column short process technology demonstration bases were built, forming a column short process The flotation circuit process mode provides technical support for the development of poor and difficult refractory ore. It is understood that the project was established in 2008 with a total funding of 23 million yuan and four projects. It is led by Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Professor Liu Yitian of China University of Mining and Technology. China University of Mining and Technology, Jinchuan Group Corporation and other universities, research institutes and enterprises share the responsibility. carry out.

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