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Stirring leaching of copper oxide ore with dilute sulfuric acid

Release date:2018-11-24  source:中南选矿网  Browse times:505
         Acid leaching is the technical hub of the process by leaching copper oxide with dilute sulfuric acid. This process should grasp the following points:

(1) Acidity and acid consumption. The higher the acidity, the higher the leaching rate of copper. When the pH is less than 1.5, the acid consumption of the impurity increases sharply. If the pH is less than 2.5, the acid consumption of the impurity is small, but the copper leaching rate is low, and at this time, Fe3+ has begun to hydrolyze the natural colloid. Fe(OH)3 brings difficulties to the subsequent filtration, so in general, the leaching should be done in batches, and the pH value is always in the range of 1.5 to 2.

(2) Stirring and temperature. Moderate agitation can speed up the mass transfer process and improve the reaction rate. However, excessive agitation sometimes affects the sedimentation and filtration of the slurry, and can be taken at low speed or interrupted. The advanced temperature is favorable for copper leaching, and the leaching of impurities is also increased, and a large amount of energy is consumed, so the temperature at the time of leaching is generally maintained at 25 to 30 ° C. In winter, the steam can be properly introduced into the hot steam, which not only acts as a heating and heat preservation function, but also acts as a stirring.

(3) Leaching time. The leaching time depends on the copper content of the ore and the nature of the impurity minerals. As the leaching time is prolonged, the copper leaching rate is improved, but the impurity competition and dissolution are also enhanced, and the acid consumption is increased. In addition, considering the influence on the subsequent homework, the final leaching time is finally determined. Usually the stirring acid immersion time is controlled at 1-2 hours.

The filtration process after leaching should be carried out by means of insulation, otherwise the temperature reduction of copper sulphate will precipitate fine crystals due to the decrease in solubility, which will clog the filter cloth. After the filter cake is washed 1 or 2 times with water, it is treated appropriately according to the comprehensive recovery value. The lotion is returned to the leaching after acid.

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