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China's mine tailings recycling development prospects are broad

Release date:2018-11-27  source:中南选矿网  Browse times:474
      China is in the stage of accelerating industrialization and urbanization, with large consumption of mineral resources and high dependence on foreign countries. However, the global price of mineral products continues to rise, increasing the production costs of enterprises demanding mineral products, while at the same time increasing the pressure on resource security. Under the situation of tight supply of global mineral resources, developed countries around the world have found that the remaining residues and tailings after the processing and utilization of mineral resources contain opportunities for secondary utilization. China is a large mining country, developing and utilizing a large number of long-term accumulated tailings, which can not only turn waste into treasure, but also effectively alleviate resources and environmental pressure. Tailings are “waste” that mining companies discharge under certain technical and economic conditions, but at the same time they are potential secondary resources. When technical and economic conditions permit, they can be effectively developed again. According to statistics, before 2000, the total output of tailings produced by mines in China was 5.026 billion tons, of which iron ore tailings were 2.614 billion tons, and the tailings of major non-ferrous metals were 2.109 billion tons. The amount of gold tailings was 272 million tons, the other 31 million tons. In 2000, the annual mine discharge of mines in China reached 600 million tons. According to this calculation, the total amount of existing tailings is about 8 billion tons. Tailings are treasures to be tapped. Experts believe that the current task of China's mining circular economy is to develop and utilize a large number of tailings that have been put on hold for a long time. For example, the tailings of the Panzhihua Iron Mine in Sichuan contain more than ten beneficial components such as copper, nickel, titanium and vanadium, which is equivalent to a large non-ferrous metal mine. Non-metallic mines such as coal gangue and other surrounding rocks are also unused resources. Obviously, tailings are just misplaced resources. According to the China Mining Association's tailings comprehensive management office, the potential value of China's tailings is about 130 billion yuan. The development and utilization will bring a profitable economic benefit and great temptation. In order to further improve the development and utilization of tailings resources, it is recommended to take the following measures: First, formulate and implement relevant policies, support enterprises to carry out technological research and technological transformation; implement preferential policies such as reduction and exemption of resources, taxes and fees, and guide and encourage social and enterprise funds. Invest in resources such as tailings. Second, we must strengthen the technological innovation of comprehensive utilization of tailings, research and develop advanced technology, advanced equipment, advanced technology, and accelerate the transformation of research results. The third is to use the central financial funds to focus on supporting the utilization of resources in large enterprises, tailings and “waste” in large mining areas, and to play a guiding role. The fourth is to strengthen the development of access management, formulate and improve the standards for the access and supervision of mining development enterprises, promote the restructuring of enterprises, and strengthen and expand mining enterprises. The fifth is to strengthen the safety production management work in the development and utilization of tailings to prevent safety production accidents.

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