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The main application of vanadium

Release date:2018-12-19  source:中南选矿网  Browse times:336
      In China, about 90% of vanadium is used in the steel industry. The application of vanadium in steel is mainly through the addition of vanadium.

High strength and toughness. Adding 0.1% vanadium to the structural steel can increase the strength by 10%-20%, reduce the structural weight by 15%-25%, and reduce the cost by 8%-10%. Because vanadium steel has the characteristics of high strength, toughness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, it is widely used in oil and gas (gas) pipelines, buildings, bridges, rails and pressure vessels. In 2000, the application amount of vanadium steel in China has reached 1.2 million t/a, and the application volume of vanadium-containing steel has increased by 10% annually.

Vanadium and titanium constitute an important metal alloy Ti-6Al-4V for aircraft engines, aerospace cabin skeletons, missiles, warships and introducers, steam turbine blades, rocket engine casings, etc. In addition, vanadium alloy

Also used in magnetic materials, cemented carbide, superconducting materials (such as V, Ca) and nuclear reactor materials. The domestic enterprises producing vanadium-aluminum intermediate alloys include Baoji Nonferrous metals Processing Factory and Jinzhou Ferroalloy Plant. The domestic production of vanadium and aluminum alloys cannot fully meet domestic needs. It is still required to import a portion from abroad every year. The market potential of vanadium-aluminum intermediate alloys is quite large.

The vanadium products mainly used in chemical industry include deep processing products V2O5, (98%-99.99%), NH4VO3 (ammonium metavanadate), NaVO3 and KVO3. They are used in catalysts, ceramic colorants, developers, desiccants, and raw materials for the production of high purity vanadium oxide or vanadium iron. V2O5 is a catalyst with special activity, and other elements are difficult to replace. Domestic powdered V2O5 is mainly extracted from stone coal. Due to the small scale and low output of domestic related enterprises, it is difficult to produce high-end products. Therefore, this part of high-end products is mainly solved by imports.

The color of vanadium salts is five colors, green, red, black and yellow. For example, the divalent vanadium salt is usually purple; the trivalent vanadium salt is green, the tetravalent vanadium salt is light blue, the tetravalent vanadium basic derivative is often brown or black, and the vanadium pentoxide is red. These colorful vanadium compounds are made into bright pigments, such as glass, which can be made into colored glass or used to make a variety of inks.

In addition, vanadium dioxide thin films and ultrafine powders can be widely used in electrical and optical switching devices, solar control materials, optical disk dielectric materials, coatings, thermistors, etc. due to their unique phase change characteristics; Tejing Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a bismuth vanadate crystal material for long-distance fiber optic communication, which has a large birefringence, high transmittance, and good light transmission, and is a birefringent crystal with excellent performance.

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