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Malachite identification

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Core Tip: Malachite identification malachite Malachite Cu2[CO3](OH)2 monoclinic system; symmetrical type 2/m. Specimens are block-shaped, hull-like aggregates, bright green; streaks are light green; glass luster ~ gold

Malachite identification Malachite Machite Cu2[CO3](OH)2 Monoclinic system; symmetrical type 2/m. The specimens are in the form of blocks and hulls, which are bright green; the streaks are light green; the glass is glossy ~ diamond shiny. Shell-like fracture; hardness 3.5-4. The relative density is 4.0-4.5. Foaming with hydrochloric acid. Produced in the oxidized zone of copper-bearing sulphide deposits, often associated with azurite and limonite. A prospecting mark for a primary copper-bearing sulphide deposit. China's Guangdong Yangchun Shilu, Hubei Copper Mountain and northwest Yunnan are important producers of malachite. Copper can be smelted in large quantities. Pure solid color can be used as materials and decorations for craft carvings. The powder can be used as a green pigment.

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