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Mirror iron ore identification

Release date:2018-12-21  source:中南选矿网  Browse times:88
Core tip: Mirror iron ore (hematite var. Specularite and Quartz) name source Hematite word from Greek haimatestes;

Mirror iron ore (hematite variant, associated with quartz) (Hematite var. Specularite and Quartz)

Name source

The word Hematite, from the Greek haimametes; refers to the blood (Bl00d), symbolizing the color of this mineral;

chemical components

Fe2O3, Fe iron 69.94%, sometimes containing TiO2, SiO2, Al2O3 and other mixed substances

Identification feature

The cherry red streak is the most important feature for the identification of hematite; in addition, the morphology and non-magnetic (except for speclite) can be distinguished from magnetite

Cause of occurrence

Formed in various geological processes, but mainly hydrothermal, sedimentary and sedimentary metamorphism;

Famous place of origin

World famous places include Xuanhua in Hebei, Ningxiang in Hunan, Anshan in Liaoning, E1ba in Italy, St. Gotthard in Switzerland, Victoria in Umber, Cumberland in England, and MinasGexais in Brazil.

Crystal morphology

Complex three-sided triangular faceted crystals; common simplex has parallel double-sided; hexagonal column; rhombohedron,;; hexagonal double cone;

Crystal structure

Crystal system and space group: trigonal system, space group R3-c; unit cell parameters: a0=5.029 angstroms, c0=13.73 angstroms; powder crystal data: 2.69(1)1.69(0.6)2.51(0.5)

Physical properties

Hardness: 5.5-6 Specific gravity: 5.0-5.3g/cm3 Cleavage: no fracture: shell-like fracture color: reddish brown streak: red transparency: opaque luster: metallic luster to semi-metallic luster or earthy luster; thin flakes or crystals Light-emitting illuminance at the edge of the debris: no other: brittle, no cleavage, mirror iron ore has magnetic properties

Optical properties

Blood red, orange red, grayish yellow in the flakes. One axis crystal (-). No = 3.22, Ne = 2.94. Weak and more**. No-maroon, Ne-yellow. Reflective color white with blue gray. Reflectance: 28.70 (green light), 26.15 (orange light), 25.03 (red light); Ro = 27.8, Re = 24.9 (sodium light, in air) double reflection weak, Ro = white, Re- gray blue and white. Heterogeneous. Internal reflection dark red

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