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What are the treatment methods for tailings?

Release date:2017-04-12  source:选矿技术网  Browse times:4372
   According to the different methods of root dressing, the main difference is the nature of tailings. There are different ways to handle tailings. The current comprehensive utilization of tailings resources at home and abroad can be summarized as the following ways:
    (1) Firstly, we should try our best to comprehensively recycle the useful components of tailings resources, and use advanced technology and reasonable technology to re-select tailings to maximize the recovery of useful components in tailings, which can further reduce tailings. Quantity. Some concentrators are developing towards tailings.
    (2) Tailings are used as filling materials for underground mining mined areas of mines, that is, aggregates filled with water sand or cemented. Tailings are used as filling materials for goafs. The most ideal filling process is full tailings filling process, but it is still in the experimental research stage. In the production, the coarse fraction in the tailings is used as the filling material of the goaf. After the tailings of the ore dressing is discharged, the tailings preparation section is sent for classification, and the coarse sand part is sent to the gob area, and the fine part is stored in the tailings storage. This tailings treatment method has been applied at home and abroad.
    (3) Using tailings as raw materials for building materials: making cement, silicate tail sand brick, tile, aerated concrete, cast stone, refractory material, glass, ceramsite, concrete aggregate, glass-ceramic, slag brick , holding glass and foam materials.
    (4) Construction of roads, pavement materials, non-slip materials, coastal fields, etc. with tailings.
    (5) Covering the soil on the tailings dumping site, planting crops or planting trees.
    (6) The tailings heap is stored in a specially constructed tailings pond, which is the most widely used tailings treatment method in most concentrators.

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