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Make full use of tailings to realize tailless mines

Release date:2017-10-14  Browse times:113

In the production of gold mines, the tailings discharged per day are almost equal to the amount of ore processed (except for the flotation plant gold concentrate export). At the same time, in the construction of the mine, it is necessary to build a tailings pond that can accommodate all the tailings discharged from the mine service years. Not only the investment is large, but also the occupied area is large, it is difficult to reclaim the field, and the tailings in the reservoir are downstream. Forests, fields, and houses will be permanent threats. The Dazhigou Gold Mine has solved this problem better by using tailings bricks. The mine is an old mine that has been produced for more than 10 years. When the mine was reconstructed and expanded in 1992, the original tailings dam was difficult to be reconstructed, and a tailings pond was needed. According to the design, the investment is 1.114 million yuan, and the total cost of using tailings bricks is only 326,000 yuan, and the tailings pond can be saved to cover 6-8ha. The tailings consumed by the brick-making factory in the built-in bricks are almost the same as the tailings discharged from the mines, and the tailless mines are realized. The main process of brick making is as follows: the tailings are added into cement, white ash, triethanolamine, sodium chloride, sodium sulfate and furnace ash in proportion, and after mixing, they can be formed by pressing, without burning, and the cost is low. Tested by the relevant departments, the strength of the pressed bricks has reached 100 to 200, far exceeding the fired red bricks, and it also meets environmental protection requirements and has certain economic benefits. The leading Wangjin mine divides the tailings into three parts, the large slag is used as a paving material, the fine mud is sold as a by-product, and the remaining tailings are used as brick raw materials. The tailless mine has also been realized, which not only solves the long-term problem of tailings, but also comprehensively utilizes resources and manages the environment. Compared with the construction of a tailings pond with a service life of 10 years, it can obtain an economic benefit of 1.25 million yuan per year.

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