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The whole process from gold heap to pure gold!

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Illustration: Everyone should know 999 pure gold, do you want it? Let me introduce you to the method of refining gold from mine to pure gold. (The corner of the gold mine) The formation of gold deposits, gold deposits are generally divided into primary ore and oxidized ore.

Illustration: The mine is excavated from the mountain and transported to the heap leaching site. The quantity depends on the size of the yard. The bottom of the yard should be as compact as possible. There should be no stones, etc., and there should be more than 2 drainage ditch. The cloth is covered, the wooden fence and bamboo fence are placed on the drainage ditch, and the mine is piled up.

Illustration: After stacking the mine, laying the grass and then erecting the water pipe and nozzle, using sodium cyanide solution and alkali solution (the former is used to erode the gold molecules in the mine and the latter is to protect the former from escaping too fast) to spray, containing gold Molecular water flows into the barrel containing activated carbon (hereinafter referred to as carbon) through the drainage channel to cause the gold molecules to be adsorbed by the carbon, and the carbon is introduced into the process until the gold molecules in the ore are finished or the carbon is full.

Illustration: The next step is the charcoal process. Put the charcoal removed from the charcoal barrel into the oversized iron pan and blow it with a blower to burn the charcoal into ash. Activated carbon is a kind of charcoal that is very resistant to burning. Hours or so.

Illustration: After the charcoal is burnt, it becomes a slag. The gold is already in the slag. You can see it.

Illustration: A little yellow is gold!

Illustration: Cinder is then crushed and added with lead oxide (orange) and borax (same color of salt) and stirred evenly.

Illustration: The uniformly stirred carbon residue is placed in a sand-filled pot for calcination, and the furnace temperature is as high as more than 1,700 degrees.

Illustration: After calcination for 1-2 hours, the carbon residue is dissolved in a liquid, such as water, and the pan can be discharged. After cooling, the carbon residue is poured out and the gold has been thrown into the bottom of the bottom and is available.

Illustration: At this time, the carbon residue also becomes slag, and the cooled slag is in the form of glass, which is knocked out as a small piece. The gold is extracted as much as possible from the newly added pure lead calcination.

Illustration: This is the leaded gold after calcination.

Illustration: The next step is to blow the lead. Put the leaded gold into a large pot filled with cement, put the briquettes or coke on it, blow it with a fan and then stop blowing it to naturally heat it up to 1300 degrees. This is the lead gasification. Evaporation, this process takes 2-3 hours.

Illustration: Gold after blowing lead.

Illustration: After the lead is blown, the purification step is carried out. The gold after the lead is put into the pottery cup, the furnace temperature is added to make the yellow financialization, and then the green hexammine and borax are continuously added to raise the impurities in the gold. This step takes more than one hour. It can also be repeatedly purified to 999 pure gold in more purity.



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